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We sow it. We grow it. We mow it...and sprinkle it too!

With over 36 of experience, Lawn Tech, Inc. is the largest, most comprehensive landscaping business in Johnson County! Our business is built on a history of providing excellent results--landscaping that is both visually pleasing and easily sustainable. No matter the outdoor service, whether lawns, ponds, trees, or lighting, we've got you covered!

Our comprehensive list of services includes, but is not limited to:

Lawn / Turf
Landscaping Irrigation
   ◦ Mowing & Edging
   ◦ Custom Designs
   ◦ Custom Sprinkler Systems
   ◦ Weed Control
   ◦ Building & Installation
   ◦ Irrigation Systems
   ◦ Leaf Blowing
   ◦ Maintenance
   ◦ Existing System Upgrades
   ◦ Trimming Shrubs
Tree Service
   ◦ Installation & Repairs
   ◦ Seasonal Ground Cover
   ◦ Pruning & Treatments
Weed Control / Fertilizer
   ◦ Seasonal Flower Changes
   ◦ Health Inspections
   ◦ Deep Root Nutrition
   ◦ Mulching
   ◦ Planting & Removal
   ◦ Herbicide & Insect Control
Ponds & Waterfalls
Christmas / Landscape Lights
   ◦ Lawn Aeration

We are located in Cleburne but serve all of Johnson County including Burleson, Grandview, Cresson, and Brazos Point.

Give us a call today at (817) 506-4588 to learn more about our services or schedule a consultation!

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